Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Mudd Bros.

The Mudd brothers have a band together, Soft Environmental Collapse
It's great music. Listen to it.

Soft Environmental Collapse

Their other band is Ishi, its a mix of electronic and folk music.
"Pulling sounds ranging from organic to electronic, John T, Mudd and Brad Dale merged their respective musical sounds, to create a unique and uplifting sound that has come to be known as folktronic. The process has been evolving for the past year and a half, and through the addition of singer Taylor Rea and drummer J.J. Mudd, the band's live presence was fleshed out and amped up. Known for their quirky dance duets and ability to get Dallas's notoriously somber crowds moving, Ishi has gained a much deserved reputation as being a promising new act."


On the brink of wrapping up final production on their 2010 release, "Through The Trees," Ishi now continues to expand their live schedule, sharing their music with all who will listen.

Scott Tucker

The Vitamin Social
Scott Tucker was featured at Kettle Art Gallery for his paintings and illustrations.